If you have yet to execute a contract offer that you would like us to beat, please give us the chance to make you a better offer! If we can’t beat that offer, then we’ll send you a $250 Amazon gift card for the opportunity and your time. This promotion is not available if you have already accepted an offer and executed a contract.

In order to qualify for this promotion, offers must be in the form of a valid written offer or contract, made by a Qualified Buyer.

A Qualified Buyer is a company (limited liability company, partnership or corporation) that is registered to do business in the state of Texas with the Secretary of State’s office.

A valid offer must be for a transaction that is made at arm’s length (friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. do not qualify) and the offer must be less than 15 days old. 

Highest Offer is the final purchase price, minus any fees, commissions and/or credits in lieu of repairs.

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