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How Legit are Cash Home Buyers?

How Legit are Cash Home Buyers
Jennifer Lovett

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If you’re accustomed to working with traditional home buyers and real estate agents, you might question the legitimacy of cash home buyers. Even though they work differently than traditional buyers, cash home buyers are still entirely legitimate and trustworthy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with a cash home buyer.

Cash Buyers Compared with Traditional Buyers

Cash buyers differ from traditional buyers in many ways. Cash buyers are well-educated in real estate and purchase homes for cash using their personal funds. They often use their purchased homes as rental properties, or they also might renovate them to sell for a profit. Most cash buyers don’t work with real estate agents, which means that they don’t have many excessive expenses, such as high closing costs and commission fees. On the other hand, traditional buyers are generally homeowners looking to purchase a house to live in. They don’t always have real estate knowledge, so they rely on a real estate agent, and pay lots of fees as a result. They also don’t usually have the money to pay for your house, so they have to wait for a lender or bank to give them a loan to purchase your house. 

Why Should I Trust a Cash Buyer?

Cash buyers are easy to work with and are very transparent in their dealings. When they give you a cash offer, you can trust that you’ll receive 100% of that offer at closing. Most cash buyers will purchase your house as-is and won’t require you to repair anything. Cash home buying companies will even buy your house if it isn’t completely empty. Traditional buyers often expect your house to be cleaned, inspected, and repaired before they even take a tour of it. Before they close on your deal, they might still want you to throw in additional repairs, purchases, or renovations, such as adding in an exterior fence or replacing kitchen appliances. Many traditional buyers will give you an offer for your house, but then they’ll deduct things from that amount, such as closing costs, inspection fees, renovation costs, and more. Negotiating your deal will be much easier if you work with a cash buyer. 

Getting Started

If you want to get started in the process of selling your house for cash, contact a cash buyer today. Ask them to calculate a cash offer for you and they should be able to do so within 24 hours. Their calculation process will require them to use some of your home’s information, such as your home’s size or location, to determine how much your home is worth. That value will then be reflected appropriately in your cash offer. Remember, they’ll calculate a cash offer for free and you won’t be obligated to accept it. However, once you understand the benefits they’ll offer you, you’ll definitely want to sell your home for cash.

So, if you want to cash in on the benefits of selling your house for cash, remember to get started today. Cash buyers can save you significant time and money in the home-selling process. Selling your house for cash could not only make your selling process easier, but it might help you to afford your new, dream home!

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