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What Repairs am I Responsible for as a Landlord?

Jennifer Lovett

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The best way to figure out what repairs you are responsible for as a landlord is to look at Tenant rights for your state and what they require. The following article covers Landlord Responsibility for the state of Texas. 

What kinds of repairs is my landlord required to make?

The law requires your landlord to repair conditions that affect the physical health and safety of ordinary tenants. These could include things like roaches, rats, sewage leaks, roof leaks, faulty electrical wiring, and normal wear and tear to the unit (such as ripped carpeting or broken flooring). Depending on where you live, local housing laws may hold landlords to higher repair standards. People with disabilities may have the right to additional repairs. Landlords must also repair damage caused by emergency situations like fire, hailstorms, hurricanes, and flooding. In these cases, the landlord can wait to make repairs until the property damage claim is paid by the insurance company.

Can my landlord refuse to make repairs?

Yes, your landlord does NOT have to pay for repairs:

  • If you are behind on rent payments. The law treats rent, the right to repairs, and the refund of security deposits differently. Always pay your rent on time.
  • If you, your roommates, family members or guests created the condition that that needs repair. If your guest punched a hole in the wall and broke a window, your landlord does not have to pay for repairs. 

Can my landlord evict me if I ask for repairs?

No. Your landlord cannot retaliate against you for requesting repairs that affect your health and safety.  If you pay rent on time and comply with the lease terms, for the next 6 months from your request to repair your landlord can’t evict you, terminate your lease or increase your rent (unless the increase is scheduled or it affects all of the units).

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