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I’m Behind on House Payments. Can I Sell to a Cash Home Buying Company?

Jennifer Lovett

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Owning a home can come along with many unprecedented expenses and challenges. With the rising rates of inflation and the increasingly expensive cost of living, it can be difficult to keep up with home payments. Luckily, you can sell your home to a cash home buying company instead of facing foreclosure. 

Getting an Offer

To get an offer from a cash home buying company, contact your company of choice and ask them to calculate an offer for you. They should be able to do this without needing to see any listings or photos of your house. Most cash home buying companies won’t even need a tour of your house to calculate an accurate cash offer for you. However, they will need you to share with them some information about your home, such as your home’s size, age, condition, or location. This information will help them to determine the value of your home, and as a result, the amount of cash they’re going to offer you. 

Working with a Cash Home Buying Company

Working with a cash home buying company to sell your home comes along with a lot of perks. For example, cash home buying companies will save you a lot of time and money in the selling process. They’ll buy your house as-is, meaning that they won’t require you to inspect, repair, or renovate your home. This alone could save you thousands of dollars and months of your valuable time, helping you to move into a more affordable home much sooner. Cash home buying companies might not even require you to empty your home before you move, which could be very convenient if you have belongings you don’t have time to get rid of. These companies also don’t work with real estate agents, which means you won’t be charged tens of thousands of dollars in commission costs. This will set you up for greater financial stability as you find a more affordable home. 

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Traditionally

Your difficult financial situation could affect your budget and asking price for your home sale. It could also affect your desired timeline for your home sale, as you’ll be in a rush to sell before you have to face foreclosure. Traditional home buyers generally won’t be able to buy your house within your budget or desired timeline, which could significantly mess up your home sale. They usually have lots of delays, such as inspections and renovation requests, not to mention their expensive closing costs. Selling to a traditional home buyer will not help you to save money and sell your house easily.

So, if you’re falling behind on house payments and are wondering if you can sell your home, remember this article. You can easily sell your house to a cash home buying company for a great price. Soon, you’ll be able to downsize your house to something more affordable and comfortable without worrying about foreclosure. 

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